I've never used a bike in January. What do I need to know?

First and foremost, make sure you have ridden your bike and that it is in rideable condition. Dress for the weather. Layer up, wear gloves, and if you have winter tires - put them on.  We don’t think you need to be in training for this, but we do think you should have logged a few rides this year. Also, the number one reason people get flats is because their tires are under-inflated. Make sure you pump your tires up before the ride! We will have mechanics available before the ride for last-minute fixes, but being prepared is always a plus. On that note, having your own tube and/or patch kit is a great idea. Again, we will have sweepers on hand to help anyone that gets a flat along the way, but we love people that can help us help them!

Can I do the ride on rollerblades/a skate board/a long board/a razor scooter/those cross country ski training thingies/in a modified radio-flyer wagon/etc?

We’re sorry, but this event is for bicycle riders only. Runners, Rollerbladers, Skateboarders and Cross Country Skiers are welcome to join us, as long as they ride a bicycle!

When can I pick up my registration packet?

We have no packets for this event as it is a free event.  BUT- you must register to participate. Registration can be found HERE.

Are Helmets required?

Yes. Helmets are required for all of our cycling events as your safety is our priority.  We will have no helmets "for use" on-site, so be sure to double check your equipment before leaving the house.