This is my first ride with Tour de Troit. Any recommendations?

Yes! First and foremost, make sure you have ridden your bike and that it is in rideable condition. While our events are meant to be social and at a relaxed pace, they are still athletic. We don’t think you need to be in training for them, but we do think you should have logged a few rides this year. Also, the number one reason people get flats is because their tires are under-inflated. Make sure you pump your tires up before the ride! We will have mechanics available before the ride for last-minute fixes, but being prepared is always a plus. On that note, having your own tube and/or patch kit is a great idea. Again, we will have sweepers on hand to help anyone that gets a flat along the way, but we love people that can help us help them!  

What is the route for this year?

Routes have to be approved by the City of Detroit and are published on our website as soon are they are confirmed.

The 2019 route is posted on our website and will go through neighborhoods north of the start of the west side of Woodward with a lovely stop in Palmer Park. In 2018, most riders and city residents were extremely happy with the route, as it included new areas and areas often left out of the conversation in our city.

It is difficult to tour a city as large as ours over the years, especially with such a large group. We look forward to continued opportunities to highlight all of Detroit and include all neighborhoods- even those outside of downtown.❤️

Can you tell me if I'm registered? Or, I can't find my confirmation, can you send it to me?  

Fortunately, RunSignUp makes it really simple to manage your own confirmation and registration. You can view your confirmation on each event page under the “Find a Participant” tab. You can also search your email for the copy that was sent to you after registering. Worth noting: this is why when you are registering, before the process is completed, we ask you to verify your email address. If it is entered incorrectly, you will be unable to retrieve your confirmation and will not receive pre-ride emails.  

For the Tour de Troit, I’m torn between the Main route and the Metric Century. Which should I choose?  

If you’re an avid road biker, used to riding regularly more than 25 miles at a time, and are comfortable navigating the streets of Detroit with a map, pavement markings, other cyclists, and SAG support, join us on the Metric Century! Hybrid bikes are also appropriate if you are comfortable riding them over a longer distance. Please do not sign up for the long ride if you have not ridden a long distance in some time, if you are uncomfortable riding at your own pace, or riding alone for a period of time. Metric century riders should be able to keep a minimum pace of 15MPH over 62 miles. Please choose appropriately depending on your ability level and training. The main Tour de Troit ride, at approximately 26 miles, we believe is for all cyclists with a bicycle in good working order and recent experience riding distances of approximately 10 miles or more. It is a slower ride that is police-escorted and we do keep the group together. If you do wish to bring a road bike and intend to ride fast, please sign up for the Metric Century.  

The Metric Century option is sold out. Can you squeeze me in? 

We’re sorry, but our insurance is set at 500 riders maximum for the Metric Century ride and we agree with that restriction. We take safety very seriously, and we have to draw a line somewhere. We hope that you understand and decide to ride the main route this year instead.  

But…but….my father/girlfriend/co-worker signed up for the Metric Century and I want to ride with him or her!  

We’re very sorry, but we are firm in our cap of 500 riders. It would not be fair to let one or two people and not others. It’s always a bummer when a concert or sporting event sells out, but it happens! We hope that you will consider riding the 30-mile route.  

I just found out about this ride and missed the early registration rate. Can you get me in at that lower rate?  

Sorry, no. We abide by the rates that we publish in January. 

Can I do the ride on rollerblades/a skate board/a long board/a razor scooter/those cross country ski training thingies/in a modified radio-flyer wagon/etc? 

We’re sorry, but the Tour de Troit is for bicycle riders only. Runners, Rollerbladers, skateboarders and cross country skiers are welcome to join us, as long as they ride a bicycle!

Where can I rent a bike?

Our sponsors/friends over at Wheelhouse Detroit can hook you up! You can view the bikes they have to offer HERE, reserve online, and save 10%. Reserve any bike you'd like (depending on availability) for the full day rate. Plan to pick up your bicycle on Friday, September 15th anytime after 5pm and return it before Noon on Sunday, September 17th. They include helmets and locks for no additional charge.

What kind of bag can I bring to carry my items with me on the tour?

Any bag under 7 liters is permitted on our rides, with the exception of Bike the Bridge. This includes trunk bags, saddle bags (commonly referred to as seat bags), frame bags, fanny packs, and uncovered baskets.

What kind of bags are not permitted on the tour?

No bags with shoulder straps, including back packs and hydration packs. Also, no panniers or bags that hang on the side of your bike, or covered baskets for any Tour de Troit ride.

For Bike the Bridge, we have a few more regulations we need to follow. Bags are strictly regulated on the bridge. Only fanny packs and frame bags under 7 liters in size are allowed. No other bags are allowed, including baskets of any kind. Bags not approved include trunk bags, saddle bags (commonly referred to as a seat bag), bags with shoulder straps (including backpacks and hydration packs), panniers or bags that hang on the side of your bike, or covered baskets. If you bring a bag on the bridge it will be confiscated by Customs Police. Tour de Troit will not be responsible for any confiscated property. If you are unsure if your bag meets the criteria, do not bring it! These instructions are per the Bridge Company, the Port of Detroit and Customs, and are a stricter version of our requirements at the TDT.

What if I don't know if my bag meets the requirements?

Please do not bring it! If you do, you risk your bag being contained and therein confiscated. Tour de Troit will not be responsible for any confiscated property.

Can I wear headphones while riding? 

For safety reasons, we ask riders not to wear headphones en route.

When will the map for this year’s main tour route be released/When can I have a map?  

Routes for each event will be on our race pages as soon as they are confirmed!

What time does the ride start?  

Start times for each ride are on our individual race pages as well as our RunSignUp pages.

How do I enter the chutes for the main ride of the Tour de Troit?  

In the past, Chute One (Blue) entered off of 14th street, Chute Two (Green) entered off 16th street, and Chute Three entered off 17th street. Details are forthcoming for the 2019 ride.

When can I pick up my registration packet?  

We will send out an email to all pre-registrants with detailed info about packet pickup opportunities the week prior to the ride. We encourage early packet pickup: it makes our morning easier and keeps you from waiting in a long line!

Packet pickup this year will be at 2727 Second Ave.

Can I pick up a registration packet for my friend?  

Yes! Just make sure you have their ticket confirmation with you, either printed or saved to your phone. 

I registered for a ride, but now I cannot attend.  Can you refund my money?  

All registrations are final and entry fees are non-refundable. You can transfer your registration to another participant until two months prior to the ride through RunSignUp.

I registered for the metric century, but now I want to ride the main route. Or, I registered for the main ride and now I want to ride the metric century. Can you switch my registration?  

Sorry, no, all registrations are final.

Do you have women’s shirt sizes?  

Not yet, but it’s definitely a goal of ours! If you are female, we recommend ordering your TdT t-shirt one size lower than you typically wear. A medium-sized woman will probably be happy with a small shirt.  

Previously, I registered as a group and now I cannot find that option.  

Group registration is a feature that allows registrants to create a group. It did not affect how the Tour de Troit communicates with you, your t-shirt or any other aspect of your registration. The bottom line is that we decided that since group registration was adding nothing to the internal process, it was extraneous. But if you want to organize a group, have at it!  

Can you change my t-shirt size?  

You are able to change your t-shirt size preference until about three weeks before the event through RunSignUp. Exact dates will vary depending in each ride. If you missed the cut-off date, after the ride, we would be happy to swap your un-worn shirt for another size at the t-shirt tent if it is available. 

Where’s a good place to hang out before or after the tour to meet some like-minded cyclists?  

Please check out our list of Ride Sponsors! They are the bike shops we go to, the restaurants we eat in, and the bars we responsibly have 1.5 beers in before safely riding our bikes home with helmets on.  

Do I have to wear a helmet?  

Helmets are mandatory.  

But…I don’t have one that fits my new hairstyle/matches my fixed gear’s colo(u)rway? Do I still have to?  

Helmets are mandatory.  

Are children allowed?  

The Tour de Troit is happy to welcome families with children to ride with us, but we do not recommend that young children without adequate cycling experience ride the Tour de Troit.  All children need to wear helmets and need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian. All children under the age of 18 can be registered at the student rate.  We ask that parents please understand that your children need to have experience riding a similar distance in a group, and that they should be on a bicycle that can handle traveling 30 miles. The ride is fully SAG-supported, but we do ask that you do not plan on your child being picked up with their toy bicycle a few miles into a ride that they are not capable of completing.  If you are riding with a toddler or infant in a trailer or in a child seat, it is not necessary to register the infants.  Children who will be riding a bicycle or trail-a-bike must be registered. If you plan on having your young child ride along on a trail-a-bike, please ensure they have experience riding with you for distances over 20 miles.  Children’s bicycles must have at least 20″ wheels to ride the Tour de Troit.  All children must wear helmets.  

What happens if it's raining on the event day?  

We ride rain or shine! However, during Tour de Troit events there is always the potential for extreme or severe weather conditions e,g., lightning, tornado, high winds, extreme hot or cold temperatures, blizzard, etc.. Tour de Troit will do as much as we can to make the experience as safe as possible. But if there is severe weather, the event may be delayed as event organizers consult public safety officers. If there is more than a reasonable delay, or if conditions persist, event organizers reserve the right to shorten or cancel the race or ride. Entry fees are non-refundable. Please check the website and your email before the event for any changes or cancellations. If you are already at the event, listen to the announcer about any weather changes that may occur. We go through an intensive several month long planning process with the city and this event is permitted only for the day it is scheduled.  

I couldn't make it to the ride, can you mail my t-shirt to me?

Sorry, but no. You are welcome to contact us and we'd be happy to meet you at our office to pick up your t-shirt, if they are still available.

I am interested in joining the attractive, intelligent, successful, forward-thinking group of volunteers that put on this amazing cycling event. How can I become one of these world-changers? 

We’d love to have you, especially if you are interested in picking up trash. We’re only half-joking -- we need over 600 volunteers to pull this off! Please contact our volunteer coordinator, Carolyn Geck, at for volunteer opportunities.  

How can I sponsor the Tour de Troit?  

Sponsors make this event possible! Please send us an email and we will send you more information. Thanks for considering us!